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Wait, wait. Are people actually saying they are going to boycott Agent Carter because of the news about Jan? Of all the things to boycott, Agent FUCKING CARTER? Are people even thinking logically? How in the world would that make the Marvel execs rethink their decision. I mean how does Agent Carter directly affect what happened to Jan? Shouldn't people boycott or you know stop giving support to the project in which Jan should be in like Ant-Man or Avengers? What. Just. What?! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻



Well, you have to remember that Marvel fandom loves nothing more than pitting women against each other, so the “I’M BOYCOTTING AGENT CARTER BECAUSE I’M NOT GETTING JAN” is actually a sequel in a long line of fail that also included these blockbusters: 

1. I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because It’s Not A Mockingbird Solo

2.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Remender Fridged Sharon

3.  I’m Boycotting the Black Widow Solo Book Because Marvel Only Cares About Black Widow 

4. Carol Danvers Is the Only Female Character Who Deserves a Solo Movie

5. Carol Danvers Deserves a Solo Movie More Than Black Widow

6. Natasha Stole Sharon’s Role In CATWS

7 . Maria Hill Stole Sharon’s Role in CATWS

8. Jessica Drew and Natasha Have No Right To Be In Secret Avengers Because MOCKINGBIRD IS BETTER!!!!!!!!! 

9. Sif is More Important Than Jane Foster FOR FEMINISM

10. Jane Foster Is More Important Than Sif FOR FEMINISM.

So you know. Marvel Fandom: Pitting Women Against Each Other Since They Unfortunately Gained Access to the Internet. This particular failure is standard operating procedure. 

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GUys! Ming-na Wen is 50!









I might sell my soul if they told me I could look that good at 50!

She obviously bathes in tears of rabid fan girls to keep her young ;D

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Since I am a huge politically correct mood I thought I would post what I wrote about Melinda May the other day.

Let me get this out of the way. I do not hate Ward. I feel absolutely sorry for Ward. I feel sorry that Ward gets ripped to shreds by everyone who believes real life issues justify hatred towards Characters. (As I said time and time again calling him a Nazi is so fucking Triggering to me as a Jew). I feel sorry he had this really really hard life and got fucked over time and time again. I want redemption for him badly and hopefully achieve the peace he long sought. 

BUT like Natasha Romanoff, before she  redeemed herself after doing all those things in the red room. Ward did some pretty horrible things under the evil originzation’s eye as well. One of them was he used Melinda May for sex so she could be how could I put it “distracted”. Now we’ve all been used, rejected and by Men. We’ve lashed out by screaming and crying and calling them pigs, at least thats what some neurotypical women do.

But Melinda May is we are all aware is not a neurotypical woman. Melinda has extreme and as someone pointed out untreated PTSD, meaning the whole thing in Bahrain had fucked with her head so much, she has no healthy outlet of expressing herself, not even with flying all the planes and doing all the Hate-fu and Tai Chi she does is going to help her so easily. She takes things in extremes and does irrational things. A perfect example was when Melinda thought Coulson (who too can be like Melinda in that regard which is why they were perfect for each other) hated her and didnt want her, she left the base walked 500 Miles on her feet through snow and ice to get away. Melinda had absolutely no thought into this. She could have died on from frostbite or exhaustion yet she kept going with the firm belief Coulson hated her. 

Sex and love are powerful things. But they could be used as weapons as well, and Ward, whether I like to believe it was Hydra or not, decided to use it to play with Melinda’s emotions. Melinda from what we know, faced alot of rejection, she long sought for Coulson’s advances as it seemed, was married and divorced…hell her relationship with her mother seemed very off. And here is this handsome mysterious younger man coming into her bed and whisking her off her feet, who will look beyond and take her as his. You saw that smile on her face. Melinda actually fell for his charms and his charisma cause really that is her ONLY Weakness. 

So when Ward ended things with her and then to find out he slept with her this whole time so he could hide his Hydra allegience…..she was not only shattered…she was ANGRY. Melinda’s only coping mechanism was violence and anger. So when she finally confronted Ward, she did it in a way that while badass in it’s own right had the victim in Question had not been the center of such a heated debate, was pretty much not proceedure for detaining a prisoner. Melinda was angry. Melinda was hurt so she acted in the best way she could with Violence and to defend herself. If Ward hadn’t been involved would she had been called an “Abuser” by a handful his devoted fans?

Do you realize how close to Ableist it is fucking is to call an mentally ill woman an ABUSER?! It makes me absolutely angry who seek to get better treatment of Ward for his abuse have the guile to call Melinda a mentally ill woman’s actions abusive. It is hypercritical. As a mentally ill woman myself….I am looking at this and scratching my head like why is this possible? I mean fuck its like calling Suzanne Warren from Orange is the New Black abusive for her behavior stemmed from mental illness. 

In conclusion, of all people the only person who is to blame for the cruel life Grant Douglas Ward had lived it would be John Garrett and John Garrett alone. Melinda is only a woman who like Ward had a difficult life. Both should be shown equal compassion in their own right as you may not believe it but in the regard of doing things irrationality had led them to do. 

Ps I am willing to see Ward get treated better by some members in the fandom. But if standing with Grant Ward means labeling an mentally ill woman’s behavior some of which to save her own damn life abusive then I will not be a part of it. 

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